A study of online consumers was conducted to better understand consumer attitudes toward Sponsor Select and the sponsors who participate in it. The results show that Sponsor Select, with its primary concepts of "control over advertising" and "choice of a personal Sponsor," is very well received by consumers, and positively impacts brand perception, ad click-through rate and purchase behavior.

A clear majority of people like being able to choose a sponsor and having a say in what advertising they see.

Concept 1: "Control Over Advertising"

Survey Question: How did you feel about being given the ability to control who is allowed to advertise to you?

Concept 2: "Choice of a Personal Sponsor"

Survey Question: In general, how do you feel about the idea of being able to choose which companies may sponsor your online experience?

People who select their own sponsor are far more likely to buy its product or services!

Survey Question: When you are actually allowed to choose which companies may advertise to you … do you think you would be… 

When people select a sponsor, they appreciate that sponsor even more for helping to bring thier favorite content to them!

Brand Favorability Case Study:

Those people who actually selected a Sponsor were asked how their impression of that Sponsor changed as a result.

Results: Roughly half of all people actually appreciate their Sponsor more because they perceive that this advertiser actually helps to bring them the content they want to consume!

Moreover, about half (48%) said they were more likely to click on their chosen Sponsor’s advertisement as a result of making the selection.

Once people select a sponsor, they like the concept even more!

The following graph shows that, while the key concepts behind Sponsor Select were initially well-received by people who had never experienced it first-hand, research subjects clearly showed even higher favorability toward the concept after actually experiencing the program for the first time

Survey conducted online by Insight Express.