Our mission is to profoundly improve publisher revenue and advertiser performance by changing the current advertising paradigm. Users understand the value exchange between themselves and publishers and accept that advertising is a part of that exchange. Unfortunately, that exchange often includes a barrage of irrelevant advertising. SponsorSelect is a user friendly ad experience specifically designed to increase yield for publishers.

SponsorSelect can be presented In-line, as a rich media overlay or as a video ad.

Publisher Value Proposition

  • Yield higher revenue per page view
  • Introduce a new, immediately profitable revenue stream
  • Presents a solution to the need to create greater revenue from premium, or "subscription-grade" offerings
  • Allows premium content providers to monetize the free trial
  • Allows monetization of least loyal user segments who prefer to bypass registration/sign-up

Creating New Value

  • Sponsor Select can be used as an incremental revenue generator or as a stand-alone ad unit
  • Sponsor Select monetizes at a higher rate than traditional advertising
  • With this kind of revenue lift, Sponsor Select allows content producers and distributors to monetize a much larger percentage of overall content