SponsorSelect makes advertising
more effective

By giving users control over the ads they see, everybody wins...

SponsorSelect Introduction
  • Targeting


    Every publisher and ad network recognizes the benefits of ad targeting and invests in techniques to improve effectiveness. Progress has been made on many fronts, but challenges remain and may even increase as privacy protections expand across the web
  • On Demand Advertising

    On Demand Advertising

    SponsorSelect incorporates choice into the online user experience by giving consumers control over who gets to advertise to them. This approach represents a fundamental shift in the advertising paradigm, which mirrors and supports the overall shift in the media space towards on demand content
  • Integration


    SponsorSelect works best when integrated on sites that already have natural breaks such as pre rolls and interstitials. Content partners include: online casual games, weather and traffic, game downloads, video, entertainment, software downloads, Internet connectivity and movie sites